Apply Now

With Preferred Home Lending LLC, the loan approval process has never been as easy. We offer a variety of secure and convenient application options so apply now and let our team work for you:

  1. Complete Secure 1003 Application
    • Formal Loan Application
  2. Call us at 281-655-8800
    • We will gladly take your application over the phone and assist you with any questions you may have.
  3. Documents needed to get started
    • Copies of pay stubs for each applicant, reflecting a minimum of 30 days of income
    • W-2s for two years
    • One to two years of tax returns (May be requested at a later date)
    • If self-employed, signed returns for last two years
    • Bank statements for two months
    • Stock, mutual fund or retirement statements for two months or recent quarter (if using for funds to close)
    • Proof of pension income, if applicable
    • Social Security and Disability awards letter, if applicable
    • Child support or alimony, proof of receipt for 6 months (optional for you to disclose)