Condo Mortgage

Our Condo Mortgage Options Suit Your Needs

When it comes to financing a home, you need experts on your side. The mortgage professionals at Preferred Home Lending LLC are here to help with your condo mortgage in Denver, Houston and the surrounding communities. We find solutions for clients in all walks of life in all types of financial situations. We have built long-term relationships with wholesale lenders across Colorado and Texas so that we can provide options to our clients. Whether you’re in the planning stages of purchasing a home or have narrowed down your search to a condo you love, contact Preferred Home Lending LLC.

Options Matter for Your Condo Mortgage

From FHA loans to VA loans and conventional loans, we can help you with a fair mortgage solution for your condo. When it comes to home financing, our mortgage brokers know that one size does not fit all. We focus on educating clients on their loan options to find the perfect solution that works for them. For condos, we are able to offer financing with a low down payment – as small as 3% in some cases. If having a low interest rate is a priority, we can provide options that work in your budget.

We Provide Condo Financing When Others Won’t

Because we are correspondent lenders who have relationships with many types of top lenders, we can offer deals that otherwise would be unavailable or take too long to process through some big banks. With fast approvals, you can go confidently into negotiations for your condo knowing you have purchasing power.

In years past, large lending organizations became wary of providing financing for condominiums because of the housing market crash. Today, as the market has stabilized, our brokers have more options to provide to our customers. We have direct, constant access to our lending partners, and we know what types of federally backed and private loans make sense for which clients. Some loans, like FHA loans, have more stringent requirements, while others are available to a larger group of clients. We even have mortgage lending options for many Non-Warrantable Condo’s that do not fit within Conventional and Government guidelines.

With You at Every Step

Denver and Houston are bustling areas with competitive markets. If you are just beginning your search for a home, we have Realtor colleagues who can help you cut through red tape to find condos in your price range that meet your needs. During our condo mortgage approval process, we will evaluate your condo to determine the loans for which you are eligible. We can provide approval for your financing much faster than banks and other lenders because of our direct lines of communication with lenders and our knowledge about the mortgage markets in Denver and Houston.

Get Started Today

There is no time like the present to start living life in the condo home of your dreams. Contact the mortgage team at Preferred Home Lending LLC in Denver or Houston to schedule a free consultation or to simply ask us any questions you have. You have a friend on your side when it comes to choosing a condo mortgage that will work for your family’s unique needs.