VA Rehab or Remodel Loans

A VA Remodel Loan with 0% Down Payment

Are you a veteran in search of reasonable financing to build the home of your dreams? The mortgage brokers and lenders at Preferred Home Lending LLC have the experience you deserve when it comes to VA Rehab loans. Insured by the U.S. Department of Veterans’ Affairs, VA Rehab loans are designed to help American veterans obtain reasonable, long-term financing for repairs or remodeling to a home purchase. We can provide fast approval and facilitate each step of the process during the Rehab/Remodel work and when you move into your new home. Contact us today in Texas and Colorado to learn about VA Rehab loan rates and terms available with Preferred Home Lending LLC.

What is a VA Rehab Loan?

A Rehab loan is like a traditional mortgage, except that it is used to finance the Repairs and/or remodeling of a home. With this type of loan, the financing – and associated closing costs – for home purchase and the remodel are combined into one.

What is Special About a VA Rehab Loan?

A VA Rehab loan enjoys the benefits of a Permanent loan and additional benefits only available to veterans. Because the federal government insures our VA Rehab loans, they have less risk. We are able to offer 0% down payments in many cases and fixed-rate interest rates. We can finance many veterans despite less-than-perfect credit history, as well.

How Does the Process Work?

Contact Preferred Home Lending LLC about a VA Rehab loan today. We are happy to answer your questions and schedule a complimentary consultation at your convenience.